Antoine Walker’s: Stat line of the week #6

The NBA season has been both exhilarating and surprising up to this point. With only 1/4 of the season gone, 4 NBA coaches have already been fired, with Minnesota’s Randy Wittman being the latest casualty.

Its obvious that there will be more coaches canned before season’s end, mainly because there are more teams worst or just as bad as the Timberwolves.

One coach that may be in his final days is coach Mike Dunleavy of the Los Angeles Clippers.
The Clippers are 4-17 and have lost 8 of its last 10 games.

During the off season, the Clippers added the former All-Star Baron Davis to the roster, but his arrival has done little so far. Davis is averaging just 18.4ppg on a team that desperately needs more offensive output.

The Clippers average just 92ppg, while giving up 99ppg, and only shoot 31% from the 3-pt line.
At 4-17, the Clippers and Coach Dunleavy win the “Can’t Get no Lower Award” of the week.

The Clippers are on pace to win only 16 games and as far as NBA teams go, its doesn’t get much worst than this.

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  1. Elton Brand leaving to go to the 76ers really hurt the clippers.but they do have alot of young talent to build around.but i do agree i don’t think Mike D is going to be around to help build

  2. All I know is Al Thorton is a stud!

  3. Dunleavy shouldn’t make it til christmas, but he probaly will, I think the owner is in love with the guy.

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