And That Concludes Your NFL Regular Season, Now On To The Pink Slip Season

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know there are playoffs to be played and a Super Bowl to be won, but we have a whole month to debate those. It’s Black Monday in the NFL and it’s time to play armchair GM and give our take on who should be fired, who better watch it next year, and who deserves a raise.

Who should/will be fired

Romeo Crennel
You can beg and plead for your job all you want Romeo, but you’re dead in the water.

Jack Del Rio
Not sure how many will agree with this one, but the NFL is all about “what have you done for me lately”. In Del Rio’s case, he’s done nothing but field an underachieving team.

Herm Edwards
It’s kinda hard to be the coach of one of the worst teams in the NFL and still keep you’re job. The Chiefs really lack a direction and that comes from the top. But I’m sure no one will be surprised if Edwards is back next year. It’s not like the Chiefs really want to win.

Jim Haslett
Haslett had his test drive and didn’t do much better Scott Linehan. The Rams need new blood.

Rod Marinelli
Cmon, do I need to explain?

Wade Phillips
Jerry Jones is on record saying that Phillips will be back next year, but after yesterday’s game, he’s out. There’s no way Jerry lets him comeback next year. Jones wants to win now and with some big names lurking, Phillips will be interviewing for defensive coordinator jobs soon.

Who needs to get it together next year

Jon Gruden
Time is wearing thin for Chucky. And being from Florida, I continuously hear the rumblings of how a lot of folks dislike the job that Gruden is doing.

Dick Jauron
On most teams Jauron would be fired, but just making the Bills competitive this year should be enough to warrant another year. If they struggle again next year, contract extension and all, he’s gone.

Marvin Lewis
Let’s just be real. Lewis should be fired, but I think that he gets the benefit of the doubt. Yes, they’ve had some injuries and even improved as the year went on, but I think it’s time for a change in Cincy.

Eric Mangini
Now that the Brett Farve experiment resulted in missing the playoffs, where do the Jets turn if and when Farve retires? Mangini better figure that out because his job may depend on it.

Mike McCarthy
The post-Farve era didn’t go exactly to plan, but McCarthy was breaking in a new quarterback so he gets a pass. If next year is a repeat of this year, he may be in trouble.

Lovie Smith
As a Bears fan, I love Lovie. That being said, since the Super Bowl run, this team has been getting worse and worse. Their biggest strength (defense) is becoming their biggest weakness. When a team stops improving, it may be time for a change. We’ll see if Lovie shakes anything up in the off season.

Norv Turner

A team that was once a perennial Super Bowl contender had to struggle to get in the playoffs in a weak AFC West. If Norv wants to keep his job, he needs to get the Chargers back to where they are playing for home field advantage, not just a playoff game.

Mike Shanahan
The Broncos collapsed down the stretch losing their last 3 and missed the playoffs. One has to question what Shanahan is doing with this squad. We know Shanahan has had some good times with the Broncos, but it could be coming to an end.
Jim Zorn
Zorn has two main problems. There seems to be a chemistry problem between him and Clinton Portis and most importantly, he’s not winning enough games. Both will get him fired next year if they’re not fixed.

Who deserves a raise

Brad Childress
Having “All Day” Peterson as your running back sure doesn’t hurt but Childress did a great job with the Vikings this year. He made the right decision in playing Frerotte and it paid off with a playoff berth and a division title.

Jeff Fisher
No one, who’s honest at least, saw the Titans being this good. And with Kerry Collins at the helm? They need to name a street after Jeff Fisher in Nashville.

John Harbaugh
What he was able to get out of Flacco and that Ravens offense is pretty impressive to say the least. Not that they were the “greatest show on turf” or anything, but it was a lot better than what the supposed “genius”, Brian Bellick was able to do with them.

Gary Kubiak
8-8 two years straight with the Houston Texans? Give that man a raise!

Mike Smith
We all know what this team has went through and for them to make the playoffs this year is commendable. Smith is my pick for COY.

Tony Sparano
1-15 to a playoff team. If it weren’t for Mike Smith, Sparano would be my pick for COY.

Ken Whisenhunt
No matter how bad you think the Cardinals are or how bad the NFC West is, you have to give Ken Whisenhunt props for getting the Cardinals in the playoffs. Just think about what you just read. The Cardinals are in the playoffs. Unbelievable isn’t it?

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