The 7 Most Depressing Places To Be A Sports Fan In 2008

As we wind down 2008, it’s time for every sports site known to man to give out their year end awards. SI’s Extra Mustard is giving out their Clicksy Awards, Deadspin is giving out their SHOTY Award and that’s just to name a few. But here at No Guts, we want to pay homage to you, the sports fan! That’s right, we want to recognize 7 cities full of sports fans that have had a depressing, to say the least, 2008 and to let you know know that 2009 can only get better (hopefully). So without futher ado, here are the 7 most depressing places to be a sports fan in 2008.

Detroit, Michigan
What else can be said that hasn’t already been said. The Lions are staring down a 0-16 season, the Pistons are self destructing before every one’s eyes, and the Tigers are back to being the Tigers. The only glimmer of hope for Detroit fans is the Red Wings, as usual.

Seattle, Washington
In a year’s time, Seattle fans watched as the Mariners stunk up the diamond, the Seahawks became irrelevant in the NFL, and the Supersonic picked up and left town. What a year!

Kansas City, Missouri
The Chiefs are the Chiefs and the Royals are the Royals. Not much more is needed here.

Washington, D.C.
D.C. teams always have great expectations, only to let everyone down. 2008 was no different as the Redskins, Wizards, and Capitals all fell short of expectation. As for the Nationals, well this is the most exciting part of their games:

Jacksonville, Florida
With only one team in the city(Jacksonville Jaguars), it’s tough to be a sports fan in Jacksonville. When that team sucks, it’s even tougher.

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Let’s face it, the Packers are Green Bay sports. As a matter of fact, the Packers are Wisconsin sports. And right now, the Packers suck. Was letting Farve go a bad decision after all?

Chicago, Illinois
This wouldn’t be a legitimate list without mentioning Chicago. The fans are pretty used to being depressed about their sports teams and 2008 wasn’t any different. The Cubs, White Sox, Bears, and Bulls all have dissapointed in 2008. And there’s no need to even bring up the Blackhawks.

So those are the cities that we want to recognize and encourage to stay faithful to their teams because 2009 is right around the corner. (Not sure if that will change anything) Any other cities suffering from a sports related depression?

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  1. says:

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  2. says:

    “D.C. teams always have great expectations, only to let everyone down. 2008 was no different as the Redskins, Wizards, and Capitals all fell short of expectation. “

    Do you even know what the NHL is, or follow it? You would know that not only did the Capitals achieve expectations, they surpassed them. At the start of the season, they wanted to make the playoffs. They were one interference call away from ADVANCING in the playoffs. While the Redskins and Wizards continue to disappoint, the Capitals have remained the best team in the Southeast Division and one of the best in the NHL since Bruce Boudreau took over the team.

    I’m surprised someone could write such drivel without anything to back it up. If you’d said 2006, that’s one thing, but in the calendar year of 2008, they’re one of the best. This is something this town hasn’t seen since the days of Jack Kent Cooke.

  3. And once they get bounced in the first round again this year, my point will come to fruition. Futhermore, just because the Capitals finally made the playoffs, that doesn’t make up for the rest of the teams in DC.

  4. Since that year the Jags went 14-2 and lose to the Titans 3 times ina row,the city never like the Jags.They came out with the Super Bowl rap song and everything.Haven’t seen a team choke that bad since D.Washington of Memphis

  5. karazekevin says:

    Yep, it sucks in Seattle. Just when I decided to start a blog called SeaTown Sports…sigh..

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