$243.5 Million Can Buy You Two Aces, But Not A Championship

Like every offseason, the New York Yankees once again have went on their annual free agent shopping spree where they pay top dollar for the year’s “can’t miss” free agents. They were able to lure both AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia to the Bronx for a combined $243.5 million. But what the Yankees have failed to realize is that Burnett and Sabathia, alone aren’t the answer. Are they good pickups? Of course. They are two proven aces and there aren’t many teams that can say they have that. But having two aces isn’t the answer for this Yankee team.

Before you scream out, “they’re not done” and “they’re about to get Manny”, don’t bother because Manny or any other big time free agent they may bring in is not the answer either. But I don’t expect the Yankees’ organization to realize that. The arrogance of the Steinbrenner’s and Brian Cashman is evident year after year because they believe that the Yankee way is the right way when it’s clearly not. Maybe four or five years ago, but not anymore.

Just take the two teams that played for the World Series Championship this year. These were not teams full of high priced free agents fused together for a run for a championship. These were teams with a strong farm system, good core players, and smart free agent signing to complement the core players. This is what most baseball purist think of when the word, “organization” gets thrown around. Now, I wouldn’t consider myself a baseball purist, but I do understand what a true organization should be. Something that the Yankees’ organization doesn’t even come close to. So to all you Yankees fans that are dreaming of an upcoming championship, you may want to wake up because it’s about to become a nightmare.

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  1. No Joe Torre=No championships.

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