10 Reasons To Be A NFL Referee

With the end of the NFL season upon us, it has become apparent that this has been the year of the referee. It seemed that not a week passed without at least one referee story. So, with all the new found glory that the referees have enjoyed during the season, it’s only fitting that we give you ten reasons to be a NFL referee.

When it’s hot, sunglasses are a part of you’re uniform.

When it’s cold, you can prove your manhood by not wearing much during the games.

Ballet is widely accepted.

Practicing your jab on the players isn’t frowned upon.

There are exclusive “members only” discussions that everyone wants in on.

You get as many free movies as you want.

The drinks are always flowing.

Every Sunday, there’s a gun show.

Face mask penalties don’t apply to you.

The players love heavy petting.

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  1. That pic of the ref throwing a jab is priceless

  2. Ed Hochuli is on roids.

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