Which direction is the "right one" for the Fighting Irish?

Notre Dame sucks

Notre Dame athletic director, Jack Swarbrick has publicly given Charlie Weis his vote of confidence and has even stated that the “program is headed in the right direction”. I will agree with that statement if the “right direction” is heading towards the depths of mediocracy. Now, one would think that this isn’t the direction that Swarbrick has in mind, but the results on the field during the Weis tenure doesn’t prove otherwise.

If I was the Notre Dame athletic director, I would only need to see the outcome of four games each year to know if the program is going in the “right direction”.

1) Michigan
Under Weis, the Irish are 2-2 against the Wolverwines which isn’t too bad. But when you look a little closer, some important facts jump out at you. The first win came in Weis’ first year where he basically inherited Tyrone Willingham’s squad. The second win was earlier this season in the middle of Michigan’s transition to the spread offense under Rich Rodriguez. Now, I know a win is a win, but I think these are important facts when we’re talking about the direction of the program.

2) Michigan State
Against Michigan State, Weis is 1-3. Yes, 1-3 against the Michigan State Spartans! He even found a way to lose to them with the best team he’s had. (Tyrone Willingham’s boys) Back in their hay-day and even before Weis, the Spartans was a guaranteed W but these days you never know.

3) USC
The Trojans have dominated Weis’ teams going 3-0 with another win sure to follow later this year. Other than when Weis had Willingham’s boys, the Trojans have beaten the Irish by at least 20 points in every game including a 38-0 beatdown just last year.

4) Bowl Games
The Irish haven’t fared much better in bowl games under Weis, going 0-2. On top of that, they didn’t even make it to a bowl game last season. In those two bowl, the Irish got manhandled by both Ohio State in 2005 and LSU in 2006. The combined score for those two games?…….75-34!

Throw in an embarassing lost to Navy last season and Notre Dame is definitely headed in the WRONG direction. No doubt about it.

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