Too little, too late for the Browns and Romeo Crennel

Romeo Crennel Whether it was head coach Romeo Crennel’s or GM Phil Savage’s decision to bench Derek Anderson, it was not a good one at this point in the season. Brady Quinn should have been the starting QB in game one. Why? Because he’s the franchise QB, enough said.

The Cleveland Browns finished (10-6) last season and missed making the playoffs by the slimmest of margins. After being named the Most Improved Player of the Year, the team rewarded QB Derek Anderson with a 3-year contract even though they already had Brady Quinn.

Midway through the 2008 season, the Browns are (3-5) and have finally decided to bench Derek Anderson and start their 2007 1st Round pick, QB Brady Quinn. The young QB has yet to take a snap this year and will definitely be tested by opposing defenses.

This move indicates that the Browns have officially given up on the season, and Romeo Crennel is making an attempt to keep his job, but it is too late; he will definitely be one of many coaches that are fired when the season ends, unless he’s canned before the season ends. Cleveland, perhaps would’ve been better served by not giving Derek Anderson a 3-year deal, this time could have been spent developing Brady Quinn and not trying to get wins with a temporary QB.

It remains to be seen rather Quinn will be able to handle the pressure of being a starting QB in the NFL. But he’ll get his chance soon, the team will host the (4-4) Denver Broncos this Thursday in Cleveland. Good luck Brady, with that offensive line, you’ll need it.

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