Things that make me ponder

Thinking man statue Some things have reasonable explanations, but others can’t logically be explained. Here are a few of those occurrences that recently plagued the world of sports and its glory.

1. What is wrong with Jimmy Connors?
56 year old tennis great, Jimmy Connors was arrested last week for apparently causing a disturbance outside the campus of University of California Santa Barbara before the North Carolina game last week. Wednesday he was formally charged with a misdemeanor. Obviously he’s seeking attention; can you remember a time when Connors was relevant? Neither can I.
2. Why does Rod Marinelli still have a job?
The Detroit Lions have won 1 out of its last 20 games, Marinelli has won only 10 (10-34) NFL games in nearly 3 seasons, the Lions are o-12 this season. Are there anymore reasons needed to fire the guy?

3. Why won’t the New York Knicks release or trade Stephon Marbury?
I know the guy makes about $20million a year and the buyout will be expensive. But how wise is it the pay millions of dollars to someone who sits on the bench. Donnie Walsh please cut Marbury a check and move on.

4. How can one man make such a difference?
If that man’s name is Tiger Woods, it makes a difference. Have anyone, besides die hard golf fans, paid attention to golf since Tiger’s recovery period began. I guess this is what happens when a pro sport places its survival in the hands of one man. Come on Tiger the PGA needs you.

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