No Mercy Alert: Thanksgiving Games Full of Turkeys.

Sweep the leg
While families around the world sat down to give thanks for so many things this Thanksgiving, they were also subjected to three horrible NFL games.

Titans 47 Lions 10

What did you expect? It’s the Lions. I’m just upset that my Thanksgiving festivities had to begin with having to watch the horrible Lions and a halftime performance by the Jonas Brothers.

The Lions gave up the most points in team history on Thanksgiving, while allowing 292 yard rushing to the Titans. Note to Roger Goodell, don’t allow the Lions to play on Thanksgiving.

Cowboys 34 Seahawks 9
Amazingly, the Seahawks couldn’t even outscore the Lions! And to make matters worse, the win now have Cowboy fans everywhere thinking that they are the best team in the NFL again.

The Seahawks gave up an astounding 17 first downs in the first half. Yes, you read that right. 17 first downs, not in the game, in the first half! Note to Cowboy fans, it was just the Seahawks, calm down!

Eagles 48 Cardinals 20
In the most competitive (if you can really call it that) game of the day, the Eagles exposed the Cardinals. Luckily, most of the nation didn’t have to partake in this one since it was on the NFL Network.

Donovan McNabb broke out of his funk by torching the Cardinals for 260 yards and 4 touchdowns. MVP candidate, Kurt Warner countered with 235 yards, 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Note to Cardinals fans, until the Cardinals consistently win these types of games, they’ll still be seen as the same ole Cardinals

Here’s to hoping we get better games next Thanksgiving!

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