The NBA’s "Ugliest Game" Team

Ever found yourself watching a NBA game and thinking that a particular player has a very ugly game? Ever wondered if anyone else notices how ugly his game is? Well, we’re here to let you know that we’ve noticed and it’s only right that we pay homage to the players with the ugliest games in the NBA.


PG – Jacque Vaughn
The San Antonio Spurs backup point guard has been in the league for 12 years. Vaughn, a career journeyman now playing with his fifth team, is known for being a dependable backup PG, but has minimum skills. Why is Vaughn still in the league? Who knows, but he has lasted a lot longer than guys that are twice as good as he is.

Jacque Vaughn
SGQuentin Richardson
My how the mighty have fallen. If you watched some of Q’s games back at Depaul, it would be hard to convince yourself that it’s the same player. These days, Q is not much more than a spot up shooter with an occasional dribble here and there.

Quentin Richardson

SF – Bruce Bowen
When you’re mostly known for your defense, it pretty much means your game is pretty ugly. And that is the case with Bruce Bowen. It’s so ugly that even his defense is ugly, if that’s even possible.

Bruce Bowen

PF – Mark Madsen
Mad Dog would be an awesome nickname for someone playing in the NFL, but not so much for a NBA player. It basically shows that people respect his hustle, not his skills.

Mark Madsen

C – Erick Dampier
Dampier once believed that Shaquille O’Neal, while still in his prime, was the only center in the Western Conference that was better than he was. LOL. Often referred as Erika by Shaq, the Dallas Maverick center has no post moves and is perhaps one of the worst big men in NBA history.

Erick Dampier

Second Team

PG – Anthony Johnson
SG – Brent Barry
SF – Malik Rose
PF – Anderson Varejao
C – Ben Wallace
Any other ugly games out there that we missed?

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  1. Gotta make room for Chuck Hayes on that squad. Dude’s free throw shooting is a sight to behold.


  2. If we listed a 3rd team, Hayes would definitely be on it.

  3. LOL you may be a little hard on Dampier. I would call someone like Shawn Bradley, Bruno Sundov, or Pervis Ellison the worst centers of all time. Bradley had to be BY FAR the most awkward player in NBA History, without a doubt.

  4. Its true that Bradley had more hype coming out of college, but he never referenced himself as a great big man. With all else being equal, this statement alone puts Dampier near the top of the all-time worst big man list.

  5. I used to work at a basketball tournament here in Solon. Boys and girls of all ages played, and I remember after watching one particular girls game – I think they were nine and 10 year olds – thinking that I had seen the absolute worst that the sport had to offer.
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  6. Well, I think at that age there is still a chance of getting better, but when you’re a grown man and are horrible, there is a slim chance of getting better.

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