MMA’s Octagon Girl Rachelle Leah: Reason #1

Rachelle Leah The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has seen major growth and advancement in the past 10 years and along the way has gained many fans and supporters.

Viewed once as barbaric and dangerous, the sport has become more accepted by mainstream America. Can you believe CBS airs MMA fights? A station that prides itself on showing quality television for the entire family, yeah right. We all know money speaks louder than morality.

Names like Couture, Slice, Ortiz and Liddell are among the great MMA fighters that have contributed to the sports recent surge and popularity.

But we all know, at least I do, that there is essentially only 1 good reason to watch MMA matches. That reason is the beautiful 24 yr. old Californian, Rachelle Leah, AKA Octagon Girl.

Do we really enjoy watching men beat each other senseless, maybe we do, but you can’t argue that sometimes the most action happens in between rounds watching the greatest card girl ever.

One word sums it up, awesome truly awesome. Lets hope MMA stays around forever.

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