The Glory-Lines 11/04/2008

It’s a post election Hump Day and whether your candidate won or loss, we can all celebrate some linkage. So here’s some stories from around the ‘net that we like and you SHOULD too.

Sean May has been deactivated by the Bobcats and this is how Larry Brown broke the news to him…….Larry Brown to Sean May: “No Fatties” (Both Teams Played Hard)

We’ve all seen Greg Popovich’s beard, but who does Gregg Popovich look like with his beard. (Cuzoogle)

Another year, another update of the Cubs’ Futility Odometer (Home Run Derby)

A new president has been elected, so here’s some Presidential Sports Trivia (The World of Issac)

Finally, Fulmer does what’s best for Tennessee (MoonDog Sports)

College Basketball is just around the corner. Here’s a look at some freshmen phenoms to look out for (GirlsDigSports)


  1. check out this hilarious BCS satire!

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