Charlie Villanueva is the Nation’s Most Beautiful Bald Celebrity!…No, I’m not joking

Charlie Villanueva

Says who you ask? Voters all across America, that’s who! That’s right, EAGLE (TM) Snacks held their inaugural contest called THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (TM) Sweepstakes where voters across America voted for the the most beautiful bald celebrity in America. And Charlie Villanueva came out on top.

Villanueva beat out the likes of Tiki Barber, Terry Bradshaw, and Chris Daughtry. Here’s what he had to say about the honor:

I am honored to be named the fan favorite in EAGLE Snacks’ THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL(TM) Sweepstakes and I would like to thank all those who logged in to vote and show their support.

What does that say about Tiki Barber, Terry Bradshaw, and Chris Daughtry? That some women (and I guess some men) think that Charlie Villanueva is better looking than them. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night with something like that hanging over me. If I were them, I would be calling for an internal investigation, because the contest was obviously rigged!

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  1. He looks just like Powder.

  2. Baldheaded Dude says:

    I could see how the completely cleancut bald-headed look would be a huge turn off for some women. He’s clean as a whistle due to his alopecia. The “neatness” and smoothness of his head and face is just too irresistible.

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