Brad Childress vs Troy Williamson – Tale of the Tape

Everlast boxing gloves
This weekend’s Jaguar, Vikings game has just gotten a little more interesting. If you haven’t heard, Ex-Vikings WR Troy Williamson has challenged Brad Childress to meet him at the 50-yard line this weekend so the two can “go at it.” The bad-blood began between the two back when Brad Chidress withheld Williamson’s game check for remaining in South Carolina after the death of his grandmother. Williamson eventually got his money, but he never forgot. Now he wants to settle the score. Now, before you put down your bet in Vegas, check out our pre-fight Tale of the Tape:

Brad Childress
Age 52 25
Height 6’0 6’1
Weight 190 200
Vision 20/20 -500/-500
Facial Hair 70’s Porn Stache Thin Stache

So who you got?

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