The Best Of October 2008

In October, we capitalized on the momentum from September and really made some huge strides. Other bloggers have began to take notice of what we’re trying to do here at No Guts, No Glory so we want to thank those that have taken the time to read our stuff and even link to it. Likewise, we want to thank all the readers that have given their feedback as we continue to build this blog into one of the most credible and entertaining blogs out there.

Now, if you missed some of our best stuff from October, here’s a recap:

Has a draft day decision come back to haunt the Philadelphia Eagles?

The Squib Kick breaks another heart

Now that Tommy Bowden is out, the floodgates are open………Who’s next?

Jon Kitna actually believes that the Lions needed an excuse to bench him

The Fall Classic is set and somewhere Bud Selig is crying

BoSox should’ve let Manny be Manny

Cowboys, Yankees are done chasing championships, on to merchandising

A-Z Guide to the 2008-2009 NBA Season

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