Antoine Walker’s: Stat line of the week #4

Antoine Walker
With the recent firings of 2 NBA head coaches, ( Washington Wizards-Eddie Jordan,Oklahoma City Thunder-P.J. Carlisemo) the season is now in full swing.

No doubt there will be more firings to come before the season ends. All coaches in the NBA, with the exception of a few, are constantly on the hot seat, especially first year coaches.

As we know being a coach has a catch 22 stigma attached at all times. If the team loses, its the coaches fault and if the team is winning, the coach is labeled as a genius.

Detroit Pistons first year head coach, Michael Curry’s seat is warm, but will burn if the Pistons don’t make it back to the NBA Finals. Detroit President, Joe Dumars, got rid of Flip Saunders and added All-Star Allen Iverson to the roster in hopes of revitalizing the veteran team.

When the Pistons are good, they are very good. They handed the Lakers their first loss earlier this season in LA. Contrarily, when they are bad, they suck, losing to the Timberwolves shouldn’t happen to this team. That’s why the Detroit Pistons have won the “Can’t Get no Lower Award” for week 4.

On Sunday, the Pistons lost 106-80 to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The team shot 30-81/37.0% from the field and were 68% from the charity strike.The starters were a combined 17-48 from the field. Curry’s seat is safe for now, but if his team has too many games like this, he’ll be looking for his next job.

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