Antoine Walker’s: Stat line of the week #2

Antoine WalkerBriefly, I believed that it would be hard to find someone to give the “Can’t Get No Lower Award” to week after week. After all, these guys are NBA pros, the best in the world.

Shortly after pondering the future of this award, another candidate quickly moved to the forefront. Last week’s winner, Corey Maggette, went down with an injury. Therefore, one of his teammates figured he’d take a few more shots to take up the slack.

I’m not surprised this week’s winner is on the list, but he usually doesn’t begin this type of behavior until mid-season. Without further delay, this week’s “Can’t Get No Lower Award” goes to……. Golden State Warriors very own, “Captain Jack” Stephen Jackson. Check out this stat line from Wednesday’s game against the Denver Nuggets:

Jackson went 8-22 from the field, 1-9 from the 3pt. line, 12-13 from the foul line, 3 rebs, 7 ast, 5 turnovers and 29pts.

Surprisingly, the team won 111-101. But can you believe he put up 9 shots from behind the arch, the rest of the team only shot 7. Warriors Head Coach Don Nelson always has teams that play up tempo styles. Frankly, they’re fun to watch, but we know this of play doesn’t win championships.
Congratulations to this week’s winner Stephen Jackson, I’m sure this is isn’t the last time he’ll win this award this season. Can’t wait to see who steps up next week, this is fun.

Antoine Walker’s: Stat line of the week #1

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