A-Z Guide to the 2008-2009 NBA Season

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With the start of the NBA season upon us, fans everywhere are getting ready to take in 6 months of NBA action (It’s fantastic!). 82 games is a lot of games and I’m sure that even the biggest fan will miss out on a few of the highlights of the season. So I thought we could help fans everywhere with a “cheat sheet” of things to look for with our A-Z Guide to the NBA Season!

Andrew Bynum will be an All Star.
I must admit, I had this guy pegged as a bust. I really thought that he was a career back-up at best. My mind has changed! The guy has evolved into an absolute beast and I’m expecting big numbers from him this season.

Boston fans will rejoice……..again!
The Celtics are the favorites heading into the season and they will be champions once again. I know, I know, there are a lot of good teams out there (Lakers, Pistons, Spurs, Rockets, Cavs) but I don’t think anyone can match the firepower of the “Big Three”.

Chris Paul will be the MVP!
Some people think he should have won it last year (I’m one of those people). This year, I think his play will speak for itself and he’ll be the league’s MVP.

Denver will underachieve…….again!
A team that couldn’t play a lick of defense got even worse after trading away Marcus Camby in the offseason. The Nugget’s plan of outscore your opponent will fail again and the Nuggets will leave a lot to be desired.

Elton Brand will torch the Eastern Conference!
He put up stellar numbers in the West so what do you think he will do in the East? That’s right, he’s gonna kill the undersized East.

Friday Night during All Star weekend will continue to be unbearable!
I’m sorry but the events on Friday Night suck. Now, the Rookie Challenge game could be pretty good if it wasn’t packaged with celebs playing basketball badly in the Celebrity Game. All Star doubleheader on Sunday maybe?

Greg Popovich’s beard won’t reach castaway level.
Not because Greg won’t let it(The preseason showed us that), but because the NBA won’t. Looks like David Stern strikes again!

Heat will struggle mightily.
Miami fans will not want to hear this but the Heat could be a lottery team again. Dwyane Wade, Shawn Marion, and Michael Beasley will be a good combination but not enough to carry the rest of that roster. Marion may not even finish the season with the Heat and the point guard issues will be too much to overcome.

Iverson will not finish the year as a Denver Nugget.
There were rumors this summer about his availability and I think this is the year that he’s moved. I’ve already said that I think the Nuggets will struggle so it’s only logical to cut your losses and start building around Melo’ and Nene.

Jacque Vaughn will continue to somehow get minutes with the Spurs.
One of life’s greatest mysteries is how is Jacque Vaughn even still in the NBA. For some reason he is and he still gets minutes with the Spurs. So don’t fall out of your chair if you hear his name while watching a Spurs game.

Kobe will shoot less this year.
The Lakers are stacked this year so Kobe won’t have to be “Kobe”. And after last year’s run, Kobe will have much more faith in the guys around him. So all you Kobe fans, sorry there won’t be any 81 point outbursts this year.

Lebron won’t be as happy with his “new” team by the end of the year.
Lebron has been saying how he loves the additions that the Cavs have made this offseason, but I think once he realizes that the changes aint helping much, he’ll change his tune…….and teams, maybe!

Mike D’Antoni will ask himself, “What was I thinking?” at least once this season.
The circus that is the Knicks will take more than a year to sort out so I hope D’Antoni is ready for the ride. I think he will eventually succeed there, but this first season will be a rough one.

New Jersey will finally fire Lawrence Frank.
How this man still has a job is beyond me. He has a .519 career winning percentage with the Nets, but you never hear about him being on the hot seat. This year he won’t be able to hide. I expect the Nets to be one of the worse teams in the league and Frank will be given his walking papers.

Oden will win Rookie of the Year.
It’s hard to bet against Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley, but it’s even harder to bet against Greg Oden. I expect him to easily average a double-double and a few blocks which will easily get him the rookie crown.
Pistons will take another step back.
Last season the Pistons lost in the Eastern Conference Finals. This year they don’t make it back. Teams in the Eastern Conference have gotten better during the offseason and the only thing Detroit did was add Kwame Brown!
Questions about the officiating will still linger.
No matter how much David Stern tries to sweep it under the rug, officials will continue to be scrutinized by the media, coaches, owners, and the players. As long as Mark Cuban and Rasheed Wallace are around, officials will always be questioned.

Ron Artest will have a “normal” season.
Normal by Artest’s standards at least. But I don’t expect many distractions from Artest this season. I think he realizes that he has a chance to maybe contend for a championship in Houston, so I think he’ll stay focused. But if I’m wrong, it’s understandable. I mean, it is Ron Artest we’re talking about.
Shaq will be a factor this season.
The Diesel is healthy and rested for the first time in a long time and I expect him to really help the Suns this season. Now, I’m not saying he’ll carry them to a championship, but I think he’ll help them contend in the West.
Toronto will make some serious noise in the East.
How serious you ask? I think the Raptors could actually make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. A lot of people have overlooked the Jermaine O’Neal addition and I believe that was the most significant move by any Eastern Conference team this offseason. Bosh and O’Neal could prove to be a deadly combination.

Utah will have one last run at a championship with Carlos Boozer on the roster.
Boozer will opt-out this summer and anyone who doesn’t believe it is kidding themselves. I mean, you do know Boozer’s history right?

Vinny Del Negro will be in over his head.
The Bulls have a lot of good young players, but it will be tough to sort out all the personnel issues that Scott Skiles left. Del Negro will have to find a way to help the Baby Bulls continue to get better, find minutes for the many interchangeable parts, and most importantly win games. It proved to be too tough for Skiles at the end and I don’t expect much better from Del Negro.

Warriors will be the worst team in the league.
I know there are multiple teams that can finish the season with the distinction of “Worst Team in the NBA”, but I just feel it will be the Warriors. They overachieved the last couple of years because of the presence of Baron Davis. With Davis bolting to the Clippers and Monta Ellis out, it’s hard to find much more on their roster. Corey Maggette? Maybe. I doubt it though.
X-factor this year is Yao Ming.
If he stays healthy, the Rockets could be headed not only to the Western Conference Finals, but the NBA Finals. Yeah, I know that he has Tracy McGrady on his team, who has never made it out the first round of the playoffs. But with Artest aboard, this year could be different.
You can count on………
Steven A. Smith continuing to be a loud mouth, Mike Fratello wearing an awful toupe, Bill Walton talking about how good the Spurs are, Kenny Smith showing pictures and videos of himself in his hay day, Charles Barkley being brutally honest about everything, and Craig Sager defying the fashion Gods every night.

Zeke will continue to make a plum fool of himself!
Just fire him already!

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  1. Docksquad says:

    Nice post. just hope you are wrong about vinny and the bulls, hah.

  2. Vinny definitely has his hands full. The talent is there, but it’s gonna take time.

  3. No hope for the Bulls, sorry.

  4. I think you might want to rethink CP3 as MVP and the Celtics winning the championship.

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