The Squib Kick breaks another heart

Falcons beat the Bears after a squib kick

The latest victim? The Chicago Bears. Trailing the Atlanta Falcons 19-13 with just under 3 minutes remaining in the game, the Bears put together a 11 play, 77 yard drive that culminated in the go-ahead touchdown pass from Kyle Orton to Rashied Davis with only 11 seconds remaining in the game. Game Over right? WRONG!

On cue, Lovie Smith dials up the good ole’ squib kick that gives the Atlanta Falcons great field position. So great, that it only takes a 26 yard pass to set the Falcons up for 48 yard game winning field goal. All of which happens in 10 seconds.

This begs the question, why kick a squib kick with 11 seconds remaining? Why not kick it down field and make the other team actually make a play to get into field goal range? I always thought that was the name of the game. It seems as if coaches on every level have fell so in love with the phenomenon that is the squib kick that they turn to it in the worst situations. And when they do, they end up giving away momentum, and in this case, the game.

Now, maybe I’m not thinking this completely through so I want to pose the question to all of you.
Is the squib kick over-used in football today and can it cost a team momentum or even a game?
Obviously, I think it is!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen a lot of crap blaming the squib kick as the reason the Bears lost. Quit whining and trying to find a pivot point for your disappointment.

    The Bears didn’t lose; the Falcons beat them. All game as well as in the last 11 seconds. Harry Douglas’ ten-yard return and Matt Ryan’s perfect clutch pass AND Michael Jenkin’s precision reception. Had the Bears kicked deep, it would have given the Falcons a chance at a deep return, but, as you stated, better to make make them make that play, right? Well, they made TWO plays, a crucial ten yard return as well as the pass. Oh, and not to mention the field goal itself.

    The Bears thought they had stolen a game they did not deserve to win, then try to find excuses when it gets ripped from them by a team that outplayed them. ALL GAME. Including that last 11 seconds.

  2. I agree that the Bears got whipped all four quarters but when have a chance to steal victory, you don’t put your opponent in position to steal it back. You make them work for it.

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