Rodgers is no Favre, No kidding

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers I must admit, I was one of the Brett Favre bashers during the summer’s “Favre or no Favre” saga. I thought that he should have retired and let the Green Bay Packers move on, but I don’t agree with the way the franchise handled the situation. After all, Favre is a legend and was a source of constant stability and excellence for the organization and the city of Green Bay. In today’s sports world, can you imagine having the same quarterback on your team for 16 consecutive seasons without missing a game? That was the reality for the Packers, but that’s a part of their past now. Their newly anointed, highly praised and unproven Aaron Rodgers is listed as questionable for the Packers Sunday game against the Falcons, questionable.

Brett Favre has started 253 consecutive regular season games, that 16 years, 4 Presidential terms; unreal. In contrast, Aaron Rodgers has started only 4 games in a row and may not make it to his 5th. I don’t hate Rodgers nor do wish him any ill will, but to imply that he is comparable to Favre is ludicrous. If the 2 Mikes, Murphy and McCarthy believe that he is than they live in a fantasy world; in Candyland or Middle-Earth with Frodo, but wherever it is, it’s not here. I must apologize to Mr. Favre for my lack of belief in his abilities; I wrote a pretty stern story condemning his actions this summer, I was wrong. You know the phrase, ” You don’t miss someone until they’re gone,” the Packers are so there right now.

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