Pat Riley is at it again!

Pat Riley As soon as I heard the news that Randy Pfund had resigned, I knew. Now, this Miami Herald article has given me all the proof that I need. Pat Riley has pushed another employee out for his gain. We’ve seen this before haven’t we? For all of you who don’t remember, Stan Van Gundy was the Miami Heat’s coach once. He even lead them to the brink of the Eastern Conference Finals with a young rookie named Dwyane Wade. With that success and the addition of Shaquille O’Neal, Riley saw his chance to once again be on top. And thus, Stan Van Gundy resigns and the rest is history.

Now that Riley is done with coaching (and the Heat are rebuilding), someones duties had to be cut. So let’s see, who’s duties would give Riley the most glory if the Heat turn it around? You guessed it, Pfund’s. And thus, Randy Pfund resigns and the rest is history. So if and when the Heat get things turned around, don’t be surprised if Riley gets the itch to coach again. And thus, Erik Spoelstra will resign and the rest will be history.

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