Now that Tommy Bowden is out, the floodgates are open………Who’s next?

Tommy Bowden fired The college football season thus far has been a wild one. Yesterday’s firing of Clemson coach Tommy Bowden marked the beginning of an even wilder season, the “coaching carousel” season. With Clemson pulling the trigger in the middle of the season, there are a number of coaches wondering if they are next. We’ll take a look at 6 coaches that will be sweating out the rest of this season wondering if they will have a job this time next year.

1) Greg Robinson – Syracuse University
This one is a matter of time. Though Syracuse has improved on the field over the last couple of weeks, there may be too much damage done. Robinson is a whopping 8-33 in his 3 year tenure at Syracuse and 2-25 in Big East games. With numbers like these, it’s hard to justify keeping Robinson around.

2) Tyrone Willingham -University of Washington
Another one that seems to be a matter of time, Willingham’s Huskies have had to endure the injury of their star quarterback, Jake Locker, and as a result they’ve started 0-5. Add the fact that’s he’s a dismal 11-30 as the Huskie’s coach and it seems that the writing is on the wall.

3) Phil Fulmer – University of Tennessee
This one isn’t as cut and dry as the first two, but it should be. The Volunteers have been getting worse and worse recently under Fulmer and this year is no different. The Vols have started the season 2-4 and a staggering 0-3 in the SEC. It may be time for some new blood at the helm for the Vols.


1) Randy Shannon – University of Miami
This is only Shannon’s second year but after a 7-6 record last year and 3-3 start to this year (0-2 in the ACC), the great recruiting classes may not be enough to keep him around for the long haul. Throw in that the Florida Gators are continuously getting stronger, the Florida State Seminoles have showed some signs of life, and the South Florida Bulls are breathing down their necks for a spot in the “Big 3”, the Miami administration may have to make a move in order not to fall further behind.

2) Dennis Erickson – Arizona State University
Sun Devil fans keep waiting for their team to finally compete with USC for the PAC-10 title and the Sun Devils keep disappointing. Like Shannon, this is only Erickson’s second year and while I don’t expect Erickson to be fired this year, the chances of it happening are greater than most people think.

3) Tommy Tuberville – Auburn University
The fact that Tuberville is still coaching the Tigers is amazing. Not because he’s a horrible coach, but because it seemed that every offseason he was rumored to be getting fired. Well this offseason will be no different and this time he may not survive it. The Tigers have started 4-3 (2-3 in the SEC), but the most important stat hasn’t a thing to do with the Tigers. The fact that the Alabama Crimson Tide is ranked #2 nationally and are undefeated may be the most damaging stat to Tuberville’s cause. Throw in that Nick Saban is locking down the state of Alabama in recruiting and that the Tigers seem to be cruising for a bruising in this year’s Iron Bowl and you have a recipe for unemployment for Tuberville.

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  1. Echo from the Buttes says:

    There is absolutely no chance Dennis Erickson gets fired before the end of the 2009 season. Despite ASU’s difficulties he’s still on his honeymoon, and it’s generally accepted that once he gets his players in the program everything will be dandy.

    If anyone is thrown to the wolves it’ll be offensive coordinator Rich Olsen.

    You can read more about the Sun Devils at

  2. Agreed, that’s why he’s a “wildcard”. But you must admit, sooner or he’s gonna have to get the Sun Devils to be more competitive with USC or he’s out.

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