No Mercy Alert!

Sweep the leg

#6 Penn State 24 HALF
Wisconsin 3
Wow, Camp Randall is really becoming push-over central. And maybe, just maybe Penn State is a legit contender. I do know they look poised to win the Big Ten (not a huge feat these days) and we know how much the BCS loves the Big Ten champion.
#11 Florida 20 HALF
#4 LSU 7
Florida looks like they may have righted the ship and LSU looked completely lost except for their last drive. I know I’ve been a critic of Tim Tebow, but his first half performance was what we expect from a reigning Heisman winner. I wonder what Les Miles is telling his bunch. I hope he does better than he did with the sideline reporter as he was going to the lockeroom, where he spoke of Florida’s offense as a “toughy”.

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