Jon Kitna actually believes that the Lions needed an excuse to bench him

Jon Kitna

According to ESPN, Jon Kitna is claiming that the Lions used his back injury as an excuse to replace him as the starter. Here’s what Kitna said in an interview on WJR-AM:

“They decided they wanted to go in a different direction and I guess the thing for me is, that’s fine. Let’s just say that.”

Kitna is also claiming that the Lions are trying to make him look selfish. Here’s what Kitna had to say about that:

“That’s the one thing that really bothers me the most. You want to make a change? Hey, I can see that. I understand the position. I understand how things go in this league. But let’s make a change and let’s say what it is.”

“I don’t like the fact that somehow you’re making me into being this selfish person or this person who was only out for himself, because that was never the case.”

“If that was the case, then I would have tried to go a different route and get myself out of here in the offseason knowing the philosophical difference and the things we were going to do differently, which was obviously going to diminish the numbers I was able to put up individually.”

Cmon Jon, facts are facts. I know it’s the Lions, but you are 0-4 as a starter this year with no improvement in sight. What excuse do they really need?

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