Has a draft day decision come back to haunt the Philadelphia Eagles?

Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid

The Philadelphia Eagles fell to 2-3 and last place in the NFC East after losing to the Washington Redskins this past Sunday. To make matters worse, their biggest weapon, Brian Westbrook, sustained fractured ribs in the losing effort. So what happens if Westbrook can’t go for a couple of weeks? Correll Buckhalter and Lorenzo Booker won’t match the output of a healthy Brian Westbrook, but they could do a decent job. But what if I told you the Eagles had a chance to draft a leading candidate for “Offensive Rookie of the Year” this season and they blew it?

Here’s an excerpt from The Philadelphia Daily News explaining it all:

“ON DRAFT DAY last April, the Eagles made two fairly significant decisions with respect to their running back situation.

The first was acquiring Lorenzo Booker from the Miami Dolphins for a fourth-round pick. The second was trading away their first-round pick in the draft, the 19th overall, to the Carolina Panthers for the Panthers’ 2009 first-round pick, plus two lower-round ’08 selections.

The connection between the trade and the Eagles’ running back situation? Well, one of the players they could have taken with that selection was Arkansas running back Felix Jones, who went three picks later to the Cowboys.”

Felix Jones? I know that name from somewhere, hmmmmm…………Oh yeeeeaaaah, he’s the rookie for the Cowboys that has rushed for 244 yards and 3 touchdowns on just 27 carries (Don’t worry I got the math for you on this one. That’s 9 yards per carry!) and has a 27.5 yard kickoff return average (second in the NFC might I add!). I wonder if the Eagles would have any use for those types of number?

Now, I’m truly not one who “kicks a man while they’re down”, but to add insult to injury, that Panthers’ 2009 first-round pick doesn’t look as enticing as it once was (The Panthers have started the season 4-1). But I guess you live and you learn. And the Eagles are definitely learning, the hard way.

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