GUTS Rankings – Week Two

BCS logo Another great weekend of college football is in the books, so it’s time for new GUTS Rankings. Here are the new BCS Rankings and as expected, we don’t agree with them. So let’s take a look at how the rankings SHOULD look.

1) Texas
The Longhorns continued to impress as the took care of business against a talented Oklahoma State squad. As if they needed more chances to prove themselves, this weekend they travel to Lubbock to take on the red hot Texas Tech Red Raiders. If the Longhorn’s get past the Red Raiders, it could be smooth sailing to the Big XII championship game.
2) Alabama
The Crimson Tide stayed on the right track by dropping the Tennessee Volunteers 29-9. The Tide’s schedule sets them up perfectly to be undefeated going in to the SEC championship game but because of their “old school” offense, it may be tough to rack up many “style points”. And with Penn State breathing down their necks, they may need as many “style points” as they can get.
3) Penn State
The Nittany Lions have closed the gap with Alabama with their win over the Buckeyes, but it would’ve taken a dominating effort to overtake the Tide. The Nittany Lions should easily win the Big Ten title and with the SEC and Big XII having an extra championship game to play, the Nittany Lions could be sitting pretty when it’s all said and done.
4) Texas Tech
After this weekend’s dismantling of Kansas, the Red Raiders make the jump over the one-loss teams. Now, the Red Raiders have the chance to jump into the National Championship picture, as the Longhorns come to town.
5) Oklahoma
Oklahoma holds it’s position from last week with their win over Kansas State. Next up, are the Cornhuskers who have been playing great football since taking Texas Tech to the wire a couple of weeks ago.
6) Georgia
The Dawgs also hold steady with their win over an overrated LSU squad. The win sets up the showdown, that has both SEC and National Championship implications, with the Florida Gators.
7) Florida
The Gators move up a spot with their dominating performance against the Kentucky Wildcats. As I mentioned last week, the Gators look to have turned a corner and this weekend will show us if that’s true.
8) Oklahoma State
The Cowboys gave a valiant effort, but came up a tad short against the Longhorns. It will be tough to climb back into the National Championship mix but with remaining games against Texas Tech and Oklahoma, all hope is not lost.
9) USC
The Trojans struggled this weekend against Arizona, so they’re the only one-loss team that doesn’t jump ahead of Oklahoma State. With the Trojan’s schedule, they need all the “style points” they can get. And this weekend certainly didn’t help. Up next, are the win-less Washington Huskies and then their annual tilt with Cal.
10) Utah
Utah moves into our Top 10 by way of their win over Colorado State and Ohio State’s loss. Next up for the Utes is New Mexico. Then, the TCU Horned Frogs come calling in a showdown for Mountain West supremacy.
11) Boise State
12) TCU
13) Ohio State
14) Missouri
15) Ball State
16) Tulsa
17) LSU
18) Minnesota
19) Florida State
20) BYU
21) North Carolina
22) Michigan State
23) Oregon
24) Maryland
25) South Florida

GUTS Rankings – Week One

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  1. Los Brown says:

    FSU getting sympathy votes, you know they ain’t talkin bout nothin.

  2. I have them lower than the actual BCS standings.

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