Another sad day for Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones On Tuesday, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was suspended, again, indefinitely by Commissioner Goodell for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy and will miss at a minimum of 4 games. Pacman Jones was recently reinstated roughly six weeks ago after a 17-month long suspension that began in April of 2007. Jones’ first suspension was a result of several arrests and his involvement in a shooting at a Las Vegas strip club. His most recent violation occurred on Oct. 7 and is categorized as a drunken fight between Pacman and his assigned team bodyguard, Tommy Jones. Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, did not discipline Pacman for the incident that occurred earlier this month because no team rules were violated. Jerry Jones, over the years has developed a soft spot for tolerating controversial players. Michael Irvin and Terrell Owens are 2 of the most controversial wideouts of all-time and now Pacman Jones can be added to the list of “The Most Infamous Cowboys in History.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell will decide the fate of Pacman’s future after the Cowboys Nov.16 game against division rival Washington Redskins. If Goodell’s judgement in this case is consistent with previous behavior, Pacman Jones is looking at a long suspension and possibly a life-time ban from the NFL. More than likely, his playing days are over. The Cowboys are likely to release him and no other team will take the chance on a defiant, mediocre player. Pacman may have played his last game as an NFL player. Good luck Pacman, or is “so long” more appropriate.

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  1. Stephen Wick says:

    I Don’t care what the Cowboys do but we need to do something to get us back on track, and I mean do it now before this season is over for us not to make the playoffs.

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