The Fall Classic is set and somewhere Bud Selig is crying

Bud Selig The Fall Classic is finally set, as the Tampa Bay Rays will be taking on the Philadelphia Phillies. As the teams and their respective cities revel in the joy that comes with making it to the World Series, one man is secretly dismayed about this turn of events. That man is, Bud Selig.

One might ask, why would Bud Selig be crying about the matchup in this year’s World Series? Because he knows that his sport lost a huge chance to capitalize on these four storylines:

1) Manny vs. The Red Sox
Probably Selig’s greatest fantasy and obviously the biggest storyline. The script couldn’t be better. Superstar comes back to beat old team or old team shows the superstar that they can win without him. You really can’t lose with any of those two. Add all the negative things that surround Manny’s departure from Boston, and you have great theatre.
2) Defending Champs look to defend title
The chance to have the 1st repeat champion since the New York Yankees did it in 1999 and 2000, is also a nice storyline. The fact that it’s one of Major League Baseball’s storied programs that would be chasing back-to-back title would also be a plus. It would even lead some people to start mentioning the “D-word”. No chance for any of that know.
3) Joe Torre vs Terry Francona………just like old times
We would be reminded over and over about the battles between Torre’s Yankees and Francona’s Red Sox. It’s just something about these two squaring off in postseason baseball. Now that it won’t be happening, it just doesn’t feel the same.
4) Joe Torre can finally shut up his doubters
There are many out there that doubt Joe Torre’s managerial skills because he coached a star-studded Yankees team for 11 years. Some believe that his success was a product of the superstars on the Yankees and not his managerial skills. With a World Series championship with the Dodgers, the naysayers would be forced to shut up. But now, the doubters will continue to doubt.
So what exactly does Selig and Major League Baseball lose with this World Series matchup? The two most important things to Selig and the game. Viewers and Money.

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