Cowboys, Yankees are done chasing championships, on to merchandising!

George Steinbrenner and Jerry JonesJerry Jones and George Steinbrenner are at it again, but this time they’re not digging deep into their wallet to add to their outrageous team payroll. This time it’s for business. The two have partnered with Goldman Sachs and CIC Partners to form Legends Hospitality Management , LLC.(“Legends”). Legends’ first gig? Operating concessions, catering, and marketing at both the Yankees and Cowboys new stadiums. The duo thinks that this venture will be a goldmine because, as Mike Rawlings, new CEO of Legends and former CEO of Pizza Hut, puts it:

“Teams and fans alike aren’t happy with the current quality of stadium concessions”.

Well Cowboys and Yankees fans, look on the bright side, as you watch your high priced team slip into mediocracy for another year, you can take solace in knowing that EVERY penny that you spend at a game will be making Steinbrenner and Jones richer and richer. Oh, and you’ll be enjoying QUALITY hot dogs and beer!

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