BCS #1 falls, ranking system is hopeless

Bob StoopsOnce again the NCAA BCS ranking system will crown a new #1 college football team for the 4th time this season. Georgia and USC both lost their #1 ranking after inconsistent play. Coach Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners will join the others after losing 45-35 to the 5th ranked Texas Longhorns in a mid-season Big 12 showdown which took place earlier this afternoon. Both the Coaches poll and AP poll will have a new team in the top spot, but there are no clear front runners. Though useful at times, the college football ranking system is biased. This bias allows BCS Conferences and schools have the inside track to desirable bowl games and even the National Championship only because the boosters and their fan bases. Therefore, BCS Conference teams will be kept near the top of the rankings. Need an example? USC has one quality win and one horrible loss, but they are still ranked in the top ten. Fair, of course not, but that’s the BCS system in a nutshell. Here’s a thought, lets wait until the last 2 weeks of the college football season to bring out the rankings and what about a playoff. I know its not going to happen, just wishful thinking. BCS committee members would probably jump off a cliff if they had to watch Utah and Boise State play for the National Championship. Why? Not because those 2 teams aren’t good enough, but because the monetary payoff wouldn’t be as lucrative as a game featuring the beloved USC Trojans and Ohio State. Yes, its all about the money. Very sad, but true.

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