The Young and the Restless

Al Davis As we head into week two of what has now become a soap opera, we’ve heard Lane Kiffin has been fired, Lane Kiffin will be fired, and now, Lane Kiffin is safe………for now. My only question about all of this is, WHO CARES?

Look, no matter who’s coaching the Raiders this year, they won’t be a playoff team. Al Davis knows this, and if he doesn’t, someone needs to tell him that it aint the 70’s anymore and that’s not John Madden down on the sideline. What’s even more laughable about all this is that every news outlet is fighting to report the next chapter of this ordeal. I mean cmon, there’s plenty of stories that deserve way more pub than this one. We all know how this one will end anyhow. How do we know? It has been outlined in “The Raider Owner Oath” for years. Not familiar with it? Well lucky for you, I am?

The Raider Owner Oath
by Al Davis © 2001

  1. Owner shall get restless and fire coach
  2. Owner shall appoint interim coach
  3. Owner shall watch from owner’s box as team misses playoffs
  4. Owner shall hire the coach that stirs up the most controversy
  5. Owner shall draft one of the top studs with his top ten pick
  6. Owner shall push for that stud to play from day one
  7. Owner shall not bring in top free agents
  8. Owner shall repeat steps 1-7

* Disclaimer: Owner shall get lucky once every decade and actually have a good team

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  1. Al look like he on his way outta here.

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