College Football Week One: What have we learned?

Tommy Tuberville

New season, same ole Clemson Tigers

It baffles me how a team with so much talent always finds a way to piss away a season. It’s almost not funny anymore. At this point, Tommy Bowden is stealing money from the university. Either Clemson is perfectly fine with being mediocre or Tommy Bowden has photos of the AD in some compromising positions.

Frank Beamer knew something that we didn’t….

That his Virginia Tech Hokies will suck this year. Why else would he redshirt his best player this year? Hmmmmmmm.

Once Dave Wannstedt, always Dave Wannstedt

As a Chicago Bear fan, I can totally relate to what Pitt fans are going through right now. Wannstedt has come in and flapped the mustache promising championships galore, all the while setting the university further and further back. And to think, this guy recently got an extension through 2012. I’ll go out on a limb and say he won’t make it to 2012.

It’s going to be a long year for Rich Rodriguez

So what does 4 million dollars get you? An unimpressive opening day loss at the Big House. The 4 million is what Michigan paid West Virginia for Rodriguez’s buyout. I guess Warren Buffet is an administrator at West Virginia because he’s the only person who could pull off a deal that sweet. And with the personnel issues on offense, it will surely get worse before it gets any better in Ann Arbor.

It hurts to admit this but, the ACC is bad!

I won’t even get into specifics, you saw the games so you know.

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