Tim Tebow, all hype?

Tim Tebow As I sat and watched the #4 Florida Gators go down to the Ole Miss Rebels, I began to think how this college football season has been a wild one. I then start looking around the web for information for an angle I can use for a story about the upset and I run across a stat that really blows me away.

Tim Tebow: 12-5 as a starter.
12-5? The reigning Heisman Trophy winner is 12-5 as a starter? How could this be? All the “Tebow can walk on water” talk and he has a 12-5 record as a starter? This can’t be, there has to be more to the story. So as I sift through the 40+ passing touchdowns and 30+ rushing touchdowns, I can’t seem to get past the most important stat for a quarterback, wins and losses. On the surface, a 12-5 career record doesn’t seem that bad, but as I dug deeper it really hit me. Tim Tebow is all hype! How did I come to this realization? Just take a look at the career records for every Heisman winning quarterback in the last 20 years.

  • Ty Detmer, BYU: 29-9-2
  • Gino Torretta, Miami: 26-1
  • Charlie Ward, FSU: 22-2
  • Danny Wuerffel, Florida: 31-2-1
  • Chris Weinke, FSU: 32-3
  • Eric Crouch, Nebraska: 35-7
  • Carson Palmer, USC: 26-18
  • Jason White, Oklahoma: 27-4
  • Matt Leinart, USC: 37-2
  • Troy Smith, OSU: 25-3
  • Tim Tebow, Florida: 12-5

Astoundingly, Tebow already has more losses in his career than 7 out of 10 players on the list. And don’t forget, we’re only four games into his junior year. Now for the Tebow lovers out there that will point to this list and say, “What about Carson Palmer’s 18 losses”? I give to you the most damaging stat of all. There has only been seven players in the 72 year history of the Heisman trophy that were on a team that loss four or more games the same year they won the award. With last year’s 9-4 record, Tebow is one of them.

  • 1969 Steve Owens, Oklahoma fullback: 6-4
  • 1980 George Rogers, South Carolina running back: 8-4
  • 1985 Bo Jackson, Auburn running back: 8-4
  • 1987 Tim Brown, Notre Dame receiver: 8-4
  • 2007 Tim Tebow, Florida quarterback: 9-4
  • 1935 Jay Berwanger, Chicago running back: 4-4
  • 1956 Paul Hornung, Notre Dame quarterback: 2-8

Notice, there is only one other quarterback on this list and it has been over 50 years ago that this has been done. So the numbers speak for themselves. And the way this college football season has been going, the numbers could get worse. But I’m sure the hype will as well.

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  1. BlueWorkhorse says:

    I think it has become apparent to me that people no longer care as much about win-loss.

    In the era of 24/7 fantasy football, people care more about offensive statistics than the most important stat (what’s in the W column).

    On the opposite end of the Tebow spectrum are quarterbacks like Michael Vick and Pat White.

    Living outside Atlanta, I don’t know how many people constantly clamored about Vick’s inability to pass the ball even at the times when he was winning 60% of his starts.

    Just my thoughts though.

  2. That’s the point that I was trying to convey in this article. It shouldn’t be just about the stats. There was a day when wins and losses was all that mattered.

    It seems all you have to do these days is break a record or two and you’re the best thing since sliced bread!

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