Thanks Ned! You’re the Best!

Ned Yost

The Brewers Blog over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that apparently Ned Yost is getting his just due for the Brewers finally making it back to the postseason. General manager, Doug Melvin even became emotional while speaking about it.
“I sent Ned an e-mail. He went through 93% of the season. I backed Ned and supported him. Dale’s (Sveum) done a wonderful job these last 12 games in a tough situation, with the pitching the way it was, but this was part of Ned, too. I think our players recognize that. He took wins off his record to help get to this point.”
In this day in age where it’s win or be fired, it’s good to see that Yost is being appreciated for what he did for that organization. Kudos to Melvin!
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