Monday Night NFL: Cowboys v. Eagles

Terrell Owens The Dallas Cowboys will host the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night in Texas. The NFC East rivals split their two meetings last year. The Cowboys seem to be the favorite to win the NFC and the Super Bowl, but Philly appears to be in good form with a healthy McNabb under center.

Prediction: Cowboys 31
Eagles 21

Note: Romo and the Cowboys high-powered offense will be too much for the Eagles to handle.
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  1. So much for that prediction.

  2. Wow! What a Monday night football game! Sick game! Points are flying back and forth! Boy did DeSean Jackson lay an egg on the one yard line! I can’t wait to go up for the game in Philadelphia! Got my tickets off that face value site eSellOut (here is a link: )…This game goes to show you that while the Giants may have won last years Super Bowl…The Eagles and Cowboys are the class of the NFC East in 2008!


  3. I guess my prediction was way off, but what a game!

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