Get ready Pat Riley, the Star-bury sweepstakes is about to start

Stephon Marbury
The summer has been full of rumors that the hiring of Donnie Walsh would finally rid the Knicks of Stephon Marbury. But for some odd reason it hasn’t happened. At times it even seemed as if it wasn’t going to happen. Now with training camp set to start on September 30th, Walsh’s and Marbury’s intentions are becoming clear. Most of the Knicks core players have been scrimmaging at the team’s training facility according to this article over at FanNation. But Star-bury is no where to be found.

So if and when the Knicks release him, where could he go? The obvious place would be Miami. But could a back court of Star-bury and D-Wade actually work? It’s tough to say. If this was NBA Live, this combination would be deadly. Sadly it’s not and I’m not so sure that the Heat would want to take the chance of a “Marbury Meltdown” midway into the season. But with the options that Miami has at it’s disposal at point guard, the Heat may be willing to take that chance. I mean, they did sign Ricky Davis last season so they may be just that desperate.

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