Butchering the National Anthem, as American as apple pie

After all the fallout from Monday night’s butchering of the National Anthem by Kat Deluna at the Eagles-Cowboys game, I began to realize there are many notorious butcher jobs at sporting events.

We’ll first start off with a lesser known video. Here, Cuba Gooding Sr. of all people somehow was handed the microphone and made a complete fool of himself at a high school basketball game. I knew we were in for a treat the minute he yelled, “TEST”! And to think, this guy was actually a member of the 70’s group “Main Ingredient”.

And who can forget Roseanna Barr’s ear-shattering rendition at a Padres’ game in 1990. It’s a wonder that she fell off the face of the earth.

But nothing, nor no one can top this. This is the grand-daddy of them all. I give you, Carl Lewis!

Thanks Kat for bringing back the memories!

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  1. ethanator1088 says:

    Cuba was bad, but Carl Lewis takes the cake. I think Josh Howard would agree.

  2. Cuba was horrible, that performance will get him nothing!

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