Bad Move by the Brewers

Ned Yost

Brewers manager, Ned Yost was fired earlier this week, in my opinion, for no good reason at all. The Brewers (83-68) are 2nd in the NL Central behind the Cubs and a half game behind the Mets in the NL Wild Card race. Yeah they’ve lost 8 out of their last ten and 5 in a row, but when is the last time the Brewers made it to the post-season, 5, 10, no, 25 years ago. Ned Yost was used as the scapegoat, but I can guarantee the Brewers will not win the World Series; they may not make it to the playoffs. I guess management believes that firing the manager will magically will the team to win. Bad move Brewers, this off season focus on finding the next manager you will hire and fire with two weeks left in the season. Remember, managers only manage, but players actually play the game.
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