Rudi Johnson is cut by the Bengals……………….Wait what?

Rudi Johnson

As thin as the Cincinnati Bengals are at wide receiver, Marvin Lewis decides to cut Rudi Johnson who could possibly shoulder the load until the Bengals are back to full strength. Is it me or is this move completely crazy? So I guess Marvin is putting his job and money on a proven #2 receiver (who may or may not blossom into a legitimate #1 receiver) in T.J. Houshmandzadeh, a ticking time bomb in Chris Henry, and two running backs that aren’t in the same league as Johnson in Chris Perry and Kenny Watson.

Now before you start thinking I’m a bitter fan, let me be honest and say I could care less how well the Bengals do this year. But I do care how well I do in my fantasy league and this move by Lewis puts my season in jeopardy! Now, I will say Rudi Johnson was never my #1 option at running back, but history says he would’ve averaged 70 – 80 yards a game and maybe scored 10 touchdowns which was fine with me. But now, who knows what kind of production I can expect from him. Just my luck, he’ll be picked up by a team as an insurance policy and only get 10 carries a game. So in retaliation, I’ve casted my vote here: Get Lost Marvin!. I trust you will too.

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