Olympics are in full swing

Beijing Olympics

The 2008 Summer Olympics Games are finally upon us, again. The 29th Olympiad officially began last Saturday in Beijing,China. The best athletes from around the world from countries big and small have come to display their talents and represent their nations. From Archery to Wrestling the Olympic Games markets a wide diversity sports, so many that even non-sports fans will enjoy at least one of the sports. On a personal note, I think that the Olympics is the greatest sporting event in the world. This is the one event where all are people are viewed as human, and for the most part are viewed as equals regardless of race, religion or ancestry. As a human race, I wish that we would allow the Olympic Games and events similar to it to serve as an example of peace and tranquility. It shouldn’t take a sporting event to get the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world together to gather in peace, but once every 4 years is better than not at all, gotta love the Olympics, I sure do!
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