Brett on Broadway

Brett Favre

Finally the Brett Favre drama is over, at least for the moment. Favre was traded by the Green Bay Packers on August 7 to the New York Jets who obviously sold their team and city better than the Tampa Bay Bucs. With the trade, the Jets have quickly become the second best team in the AFC North behind the Patriots. During his first Jets press conference, Favre indicated that he would always be a Packer, but it was time to move on. The Jets immediately released starting quarterback Chad Pennington, poor guy, and seem to be happy with their new starting play caller. Favre, though one of the greatest NFL players of all-time, has a new challenge to face in New York; the media. New York is by all accounts the biggest media market in the U.S and sports figures soon learn that the expectations are heightened. Brett you’re not in Green Bay anymore, today the fans love you, but tomorrow that can all change.
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