Why is Nancy Lieberman still playing professional basketball?

Nancy Lieberman She’s an Olympic medalist, a former women’s college basketball player of the year and was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1996.

Pretty impressive resume one would think, but obviously she thinks that signing a 7-day contract with the WNBA’s Detroit Shock at the age of 50 is somehow going to improve that resume. In 1998, Lieberman was hired as the Head Coach and General Manager of the franchise for 3 seasons. Perhaps the owner owed her a favor, thats the only way I can rationalize Lieberman being offered a contract as a player.

In 1997, Nancy Lieberman played for the Phoenix Mercury and made history by being the oldest woman in the WNBA’s history; So why come back? Maybe to secure her record, or she may actually think she can play with women half her age.

Note to Mrs. Lieberman: You are a basketball great, one of the greatest women players of all-time, but now you are too old to play professional basketball. Please stop before you kill yourself. Its time to be a full-time women’s basketball analyst. Seriously!


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