Brett, enough is enough!

Brett Favre

With 442 touchdowns passes, over 61,000 passing yards, 3 NFL MVP awards along other countless awards and accolades, Brett Favre is one of the greatest players to ever play in the NFL, but refuses to leave while he still has some dignity.

Green Bay Packers President, Mark Murphy, traveled to Mississippi Wednesday to attempt to reach some type of agreement with the future ‘Hall of Famer’ but no resolution is in sight, at least not one that will be favorable to both parties. The Packers don’t want Favre in Green Bay nor do they want to trade him, knowing they would not receive the full value of a aging quarterback that maybe has one good year left, maybe.

Even before sending his reinstatement letter to Commissioner Goddell, Favre has caught the interest of several teams. The New York Jets and Tampa Bay Bucs appear to be the unofficial front-runners in the Favre sweepstakes. What ever the outcome, the Packers will be left holding the short end of the stick. We all would be wise to ignore all Brett Favre retirement talk until he has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, maybe then he will think he has done enough.
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