The San Diego Padres pay homage to Bud Selig by creating a plaza in his name

Bud-SeligAs we all know, MLB commissioner Bud Selig will step down after this season. Even though his farewell tour hasn’t been as epic as Derek Jeter’s, some teams have shown their appreciation for Selig. None more so than the San Diego Padres.

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Manny Pacquiao wants Metta World Peace on his basketball team

Pacquiao and Cotto Press ConferenceIf you haven’t heard, Manny Pacquiao will be a player/coach for his basketball team in the Philippines. With Pacquiao only being 5’6, he knows he can’t do it by himself. So just like any other coach, Pacquiao knows he needs a few good players on his team.

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Mark Cuban takes a shot at Houston Rockets’ GM for his approach in free agency

mark-cubanDallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban really has a problem with the Houston Rockets. Last year during free agency, Cuban was pissed at Rockets general manager Daryl Morey when he asked him about trading Dirk Nowitzki. Now that Chandler Parsons has signed with the Mavericks, the rivalry between the two teams is starting to heat up.

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Can the Florida Gators be this year’s version of the 2013 Auburn Tigers?


The 2014 version of the Florida Gators are coming into opening weekend healthy which is a sigh of relief for their fans. We have talked about the 2013 Gators plenty over the past couple of months. Whether its discussing head coach Will Muschamp’s job status or rival fans making fun of their worst season since 1979. Now with the 2014 season a few days away, I wonder can the Gators be this year’s version of the 2013 Auburn Tigers?

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Alabama vs LSU is the most expensive ticket for the 2014 season

alabama-lsuWith the college football season kicking off tomorrow (technically it will kickoff today), I wanted you to know what is the hottest ticket for the 2014 season. There are many marquee games on the schedule this year but a rivalry in the SEC tops them all. According to Forbes, Alabama at LSU is the most expensive ticket for the 2014 season.

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Ryan Clark blames Troy Vincent for Brandon Meriweather’s suspension

Ryan ClarkWashington Redskins safety Ryan Clark is at it again but this time for he is speaking up about his teammate. Brandon Meriweather was suspended two games for his hit on Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith. Commissioner Roger Goodell has been under scrutiny since the suspension but Clark thinks the blame should go to someone else.

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A drone that flew over Bank of America Stadium is now under FAA investigation

panthers-chiefsFans that were at last Thursday’s preseason game between the Carolina Panthers and the Kansas City Chiefs saw something other than the football in the air. A camera-toting drone was seen hovering over Bank of America stadium which got everyone’s attention including the police.

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John Rocker has agreed to join the cast of ‘Survivor’

john-rockerWhen you think of former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker, the first word that comes to mind is “controversy”. As we all know, Rocket made some disturbing comments in a Sports Illustrated article back in 1999 which still follows him to this day.

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Is China’s Taishan Dong the next big thing in heavyweight boxing?

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For the past decade, the Klitschko brothers have dominated the heavyweight division. Now that Vitali has retired and Wladimir is thinking about doing the same, the heavyweight division needs a star to emerge. Meet Taishan Dong. who  has been called the “soon to be Yao Ming of boxing” and the next big thing in heavyweight division by promoters.

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Former boxing champion Jermain Taylor was arrested after a shooting at his house


Former middleweight champion Jermain Taylor has been out of boxing for 26 months, but he was scheduled to fight in October for the IBF middleweight title. Those plans might have to be put on hold as Taylor has legal issues to deal with.

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