Tony Gonzalez says he might be tempted to return if a contender calls him

Tony-GonzalezFuture Hall of Fame TE Tony Gonzalez says that he is retired. He has a job with CBS for the upcoming season as well. But Gonzalez claims that his status has not stopped teams from calling him to make a comeback. Gonzalez admitted that he might be tempted to return if a playoff contender calls him.

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Eric Fisher is still struggling after being moved from left to right tackle


Back in 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs surprised everyone by taking Eric Fisher with the #1 overall pick. Fisher struggled during his rookie season which led to him being moved to right tackle.To make matters worst, Fisher had offseason shoulder surgery which he still hasn’t recovered from.

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Wisconsin’s schedule puts them in a great position to make the College Football Playoffs

Wisconsin beat Minnesota 20-7. (Photo by David Stluka)

When you start a discussion Big Ten football, Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State are the three teams you hear about for the upcoming season. With the recruiting job James Franklin has been doing, Penn State has been getting a lot of attention as well. Ohio State was the favorite to win the conference before Braxton Miller’s injury with Michigan State right behind them. With all that being said, there is one team that has a better shot to make the College Football Playoffs than all of the favorites and that team is the Wisconsin Badgers.

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Jim Irsay is trying to get his trial date pushed back


With the preseason in full swing and the NFL dealing with other issues, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay’s situation has flown under the radar. If you recall, Irsay was arrested and charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his body.

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NFL headline: Manziel Fingers The Redskins (Photo)


Someone may be losing their job today.

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Braxton Miller could reportedly be out of the season after reinjuring shoulder

braxton-millerAccording to the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller reinjured his surgically shoulder during practice on Monday. Though Ohio State has been mum on the extent of Miller’s injury, initial reports don’t sound too good.

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Johnny Manziel flipping the bird at the Washington sideline did not sit well with Mike Pettine

After almost three full quarters of bad football between the Washington and Cleveland, Johnny Manziel decided to liven thing up by flipping the bird at the Washington sideline.

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Report: Teammates love Kirk Cousins, hate Robert Griffin III

RG3-and-CousinsThe narrative around how bad Robert Griffin III is doing in camp and how good Kirk Cousin is doing has continued.

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Minor league manager strips down at the plate during entertaining meltdown

Joe Mikulik

Joe Mikulik is the manager for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans of the Texas Rangers organization and he has a history of melting down during games which we’ll explore later. As for now, we’re here to discuss his most recent meltdown during that happened on Sunday when he argued a call at the plate in the Pelicans 9-1 loss to Salem.

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Teammate ‘knows for a fact’ that Nick Marshall will win the Heisman

nick marshallAuburn QB Nick Marshall is on everyone’s list for the Heisman Trophy for the upcoming season. With almost every starter returning and a couple of newcomers that can make an impact as well, the Tigers offense might be even more dangerous than last year’s offense.

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