Vincent Jackson says he wants to stay in Tampa Bay

Vincent JacksonAs the trade deadline approaches, teams that have playoff aspirations have been looking around to see who could help their team. One name that has been popular in trade talks is Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson.

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UFC’s Chris Weidman rescued elderly neighbor after vicious fall


In the octagon, UFC’s Chris Weidman is known to be fierce against his opponents. But to one of his neighbors, he is being called a hero.

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Fox is is developing a comedy series based on former NBA player Baron Davis

Baron DavisFormer NBA All-Star Baron Davis has been out of the league since 2012. Davis has been keeping himself busy as most saw the comeback videos that aired on TNT’s Inside The NBA. Those videos were well received and let people see Davis’ funny side.

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Louisville’s Athletic Department is asking for donations at the gas pump


We all know that to stay competitive with the top schools across the country in any sport, you have to have money. For recruiting purposes, programs try to have the best facilities in their conference. Some schools struggle in this department because they don’t have large booster clubs like a Texas, USC, or Alabama.

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DeMarco Murray suprised his entire offensive line with iMacs

DeMarco Murray

Dallas Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray is on a historic run as the Cowboys sit on top of the NFC. Murray has been a workhorse for the Cowboys all season rushing for 100 yards or more in each game this season which is a NFL record. While Murray is happy about his performance, he knows that he couldn’t do it without the blocking from his offensive line.

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Oklahoma State and Texas offensive coordinator Joe Wickman are suing each other over play calling duties

NCAA Football: UCLA vs Texas

Well this is one crazy turn of events between Texas offensive coordinator Joe Wickline and Oklahoma State. Wickline left the Cowboys to become co-offensive coordinator with Shaun Watson at Texas. Wickline’s contract with Oklahoma stated that if he left for any other position besides offensive coordinator, he would owe the school the remaining money left on his contract. Well Oklahoma State doesn’t believe that Wickline is calling the plays and now they want their money.

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Jordan Hill says he re-signed with the Lakers because Mike D’Antoni is gone

Jordan Hill

Well it seems like some people still have not gotten over Mike D’Antoni’s tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers. Reports came out during the off-season about forward Jordan Hill telling the Lakers front office that he would not return if D’Antoni was still the coach. Most thought that it was just a rumor, but now it Hill has confirmed that it was true.

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Louisville restaurant is taking crab legs off their menu with Jameis Winston coming to town

jameis winston

Next Thursday, Louisville will host Florida State in what should be a great game between two ACC Atlantic foes. The last time Florida State visited Louisville on a Thursday night, they were upset by the Cardinals.

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Blake Griffin is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a man in Las Vegas nightclub

Blake GriffinPeople have raved about how improved Los Angeles Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin has looked during the preseason. But now it looks like the attention on Griffin is going to shift to a situation he is dealing with off the court.

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Jack Nicklaus says he can relate to Jameis Winston when it comes to signing autographs

Jack NicklausGolf legend Jack Nicklaus knows he it feels to be asked to sign autographs for fans. Nicklaus has been around Florida State’s program more than usual due to his grandson Nick O’Leary being on the team. With the school looking into whether or not Jameis Winston got paid for autographs, Nicklaus claims that he supports Winston.

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