Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo finally apologized for ridiculous NBA tweet

Pat GarofaloAfter attempting to stick by his ridiculous NBA tweet, Pat Garofalo has finally decided that the best thing he can do is apologize and attempt to move on.

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Marcin Gortat would like the NBA to allow in-game fights

marcin gortatMarcin Gortat sat down for a Q&A with Kyle Weidie of True Hoop where he discussed some important issues and some very important issues. On the important issues scale, Gortat discussed his relationship with John Wall, his love of ripping towels, and his “Polish Machine/Hammer” nickname.

On the very important issues scale, Gortat discussed the situation in Ukraine, his desire to become the president of Poland, and wanting the NBA to allow in-game fights.

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Wichita State doesn’t get any respect, part 1,000

wichita-stateIt’s common knowledge that Wichita State doesn’t get any respect nationally. But we all assumed that they receive the utmost respect within the MVC.

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Fresh off having his jersey retired, Zydrunas Ilgauskas may be on his way out in Cleveland

ilgauskas-jerseyOn Saturday night, Zydrunas Ilgauskas had his jersey retired by the Cleveland Cavaliers. To an outsider, the event gave you the impression that the franchise was finally moving in the right direction.

Everyone who should’ve been there was there; former coaches, former staffers, the former owner, and former players. Even the team’s most high profile former player, LeBron James, was there. And that alone would make one believe that the Cavs have come a long way.

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Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo have had conversations about playing together again

Rajon Rondo, Josh SmithYou would have to go back 9 years to find the last time Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo played on the same team. Back then, they were roommates and starred for high school basketball powerhouse Oak Hill Academy.Rondo would end up going to Kentucky and Smith would jump straight to the NBA and the two haven’t played together since.

Fast forward to the present where they routinely hear their names in trade discussions, the question becomes, could the two end up on the same team again?

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Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo thinks street crime would rise if NBA folded

pat-garofaloIn every profession, whether it’s sports or in Corporate America, there is always going to be someone who has issues with the law. The difference between the two is when athletes have problems with the law, it’s all over TV and people begin to make judgments without knowing the whole story.

Take the Richard Sherman and Marcus Smart incidents for examples. All you heard was people saying they were thugs despite that fact that neither of them had done anything to warrant being called that.

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Here’s the story of Giannis Antetokounmpo nearly running all the way to the Bucks arena

Giannis AntetokounmpoRookie Giannis Antetokounmpo has been a very pleasant surprise for a struggling Milwaukee Bucks team. But his play on the basketball court isn’t the only thing that people are talking about.

Giannis made headlines showing off his soccer skills earlier this month and now we have yet another item to add to his legend.

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Taj Gibson thinks Mike Dunleavy is gangster

Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy

Taj Gibson and Mike Dunleavy are teammates for the surging Chicago Bulls. The two men came from two completely different circles. Gibson is from Brooklyn and attended USC while Dunleavy is from Oregon and attended Duke. But according to Gibson, the two men formed a bond way before Dunleavy came to Chicago.

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Adam Vinatieri: The NFL is trying to minimize the importance of kickers

Adam VinatieriFrom the collegiate level to the professional level, fans have a love-hate relationship with kickers. We love them when they hit a big field goal and hate them when they miss them. Kickers have come to grips with this, but now they potentially have another issue they are will have to deal with.

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Gregg Popovich occasionally tells his team, ‘I’ve got nothing for you’ during timeouts

Gregg Popovich

Gregg Popovich has always been known for his straight forward approach. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and he’s not afraid to get on his star players when they’re not playing like he expects them to. It’s one of the main reason why he is one of the most respected coach in the NBA right now.

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