Video: Tennessee’s creepy talking basketball congratulates Josh Richardson for getting drafted

josh-richardson-tennessee-volunteersLast Thursday night, former Tennessee Volunteer basketball player Josh Richardson was drafted in the 2nd round of the NBA Draft by the Miami Heat. While I’m sure Richardson probably celebrated with his friends and family, Tennessee’s basketball program wanted to celebrate as well. [Read on]

Pouncey brothers say they are ready to become positive role models for kids

Pounceyscamp-600x417Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are two very talented young men and are both leaders on their respective football teams. But the off the field stuff is the main thing most people want to talk about when their names are brought up. A lot of the criticism they have received is their fault, but now they plan to change the perception on how people view them. [Read on]

Report: Marc Gasol has no interest in playing for the Lakers

images (38)Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol is going to have a lot of teams after him once free agency starts on July 1. While many do believe that Gasol will re-sign with the Grizzlies, things could change once he starts visiting other teams. One of those teams that many believe will be after Gasol is the Los Angeles Lakers. [Read on]

Report: With near-max contract expected, Tobias Harris not expected to return to Orlando

hi-res-bb9ef28763fa7d636e520e4df6451e4d_crop_northThroughout the NBA season, Orlando Magic forward Tobias Harris name was heavily involved in trade talks. It has been made clear that Harris wants to go to a bigger market team and he might get his wish. After the Magic didn’t extended Harris’ contract last off-season, the writing was on the wall. [Read on]

Landon Collins says his expectations for this season is winning Defensive Rookie of the Year

635668893067349891-Landon-Collins-AP-GiantsNew York Giants safety Landon Collins knows that he has a lot to prove this upcoming season. Many knocked Collins during the draft process saying he was only a box safety. The Giants drafted him anyways with the belief that he was more than what people were labeling him as. Collins was at the Play 60 event at the NFL’s Rookie Symposium on Friday and was asked about his expectation for his rookie season. [Read on]

Report: Knicks and Celtics were discussing draft day trade for Jared Sullinger

jared-sullinger-out-for-season-backThe Boston Celtics were very active during the NBA Draft on Thursday. The Celtics made it known before the draft that they planned to move up but couldn’t make it happen. There were reports that the Celtics offered the Charlotte Hornets six draft picks to move up to the ninth pick but it didn’t work. [Read on]

Percy Harvin says he is ready to prove that he isn’t just gadget guy

percy-conditioning-storyI think everyone knows that Buffalo Bills WR Percy Harvin is a big play waiting to happen. Every time the ball is in his hands, the chance of a big play happening is very real. But the knock on Harvin is that even though he is explosive, he is not a true wide receiver. Teams don’t plan game plan on stopping Harvin as a receiver, they game plan to stop him when he is playing multiple positions. [Read on]

Nuggets GM Tim Connelly says Ty Lawson used poor judgement when he released video saying he was going to Sacramento

ty-lawson1We are two days removed from the NBA Draft and fallout between the Denver Nuggets and point guard Ty Lawson is still going strong. The Nuggets drafted guard Emmanuel Mudiay with the 1st round pick Thursday night and Lawson wasn’t to happy about it. Lawson was shown on a video after Mudiay was drafted saying he was going to Sacramento. [Read on]

Report: NBA planning to change playoff seeding starting next season

nba-playoff-bracketFor the last couple of years, the complaints about the NBA playoff seeding format has gotten louder. While the NBA wants to reward teams that win their division, there could be three of four teams that have a better record than that the team that won their division. Well now it looks like the NBA is ready to correct this mistake and make things right. [Read on]

Emmanuel Sanders doesn’t think the Patriots should be Super Bowl Champions

635577892837805147-USP-NFL-Pro-Bowl-Team-Irvin-PracticeEvery since the New England Patriots got caught deflating footballs, the situation has dominated the NFL off-season. Now that Tom Brady has had hearing to reduce his suspension, it looks like this issue is finally coming to an end. But there are still some people who don’t believe that the Patriots should be champions. [Read on]